EOTO beatin’ up the High Noon

SO, Jason & Travis from the String Cheese Incident have a project…it’s called EOTO (pronounced E-O-TOE) but naming this all live improv drum -n- bass dub steppin’ spectacle is really of no use. Everything from night to night is different, like switching a mask and costume several times on Halloween and on this particular night in Madison at the High Noon Saloon, they were bruising the joint with punches of sounds heavy and melodic, stylish and funky and often times down right far far out. There is no excuse for your body not to be feeling like Captain Caveman and clubbin’!! I cannot tell you how cool it is to know that they create this show on the moment and the moments were shared by an energized room of beat seekers that left this night joined in sweat, new moves and unique grooves…AMEN for EOTO.

Check out my conversation w/Jason Hann of EOTO & String Cheese Incident right here.

Thanks to Erin @ Tsunami & Cathy at the High Noon

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