Disco Biscuits total jam-a-thon

The night was already a success being the Mrs of the G’s day of birth celebration at a nice eatery and then some time at the Majestic Theater getting into the jams. Future Rock opened up with their amazing light show and a creation of sounds new to the electronic late night scene. Skillfully manipulating live loops, synthesizers, filters and an electronic drum kit, the trio succeeds in creating a larger-than-life sound that sends crowds into frenzies, which is a common outcome here in Madtown. When the Disco Biscuits brought their fusion of trance and jam rock out on the stage I found myself engulfed in the easiness of the transitions and the successful capturing of an audiences ears and more with their explosive livetronica. With a new album to be coming out soon, the Biscuits are certainly poised to defend the cool scene for which I believe they helped pioneer. For more about what’s going on with Camp Bisco….head over here.


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