Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks

Let’s call in a night in Stow-ton, errr Stu-ton, OK, let’s just call it Madison. Tonight at the Stoughton Opera House, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks brought the good fun out to play. From the moment they all take the stage, until the moment the lights finally come up and it’s time to say goodnight, Dan and the band bring entertainment to their audience, through the songs we have all grown close to (and man, they brought out some goodies they haven’t played live in a while, you’ll have to go check them live to know which ones). For me, it’s like seeing that Uncle that always gives you the things your parents said you cannot have….The show has is whirls and twirls in sync, the spontaneous nature of the banter to the crowd is like that uncle turning to the kids table to get a quick laugh, and man….if that band isn’t sharp. While each audience member could tell you which song of the evening was their favorite….I am always going to be partial to Uncle Dan’s version and rendition of the Horace Silver classic “Song for my Father”, especially since I know how much Dan loves that tune. Call the show witty, sarcastic, clever or whathaveyou…..but the sold out crowd at the Stoughton Opera House called it a night to remember with Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and I for one am ready for that live album.

A big Mill Valley Family thank you to Clare for always making the magic happen.

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