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A.K.A.C.O.D. has created a darkly psychedelic sound that is sensual, cinematic, and otherworldly. They haven’t just said that’s what they will do, THEY WENT OUT AND DID IT! The band features: Bourbon Princess vocalist/bassist Monique Ortiz, Morphine/ Twinemen saxophonist Dana Colley and Binary System/Concussion Ensemble drummer Larry Dersch. The album, which will be officially out in early 2008 is like a walk down city streets in the early early morning hours, the sounds are so damn real and accentuated by the minds still silence that at times the music resonates in places where I have never heard before. The tracks are delightfully low rock in nature with the empty slate factor that allows the listener to attach their own images…far better than any television could produce..EVER. Track one, Happiness is the welcome mat to an adventure at a brand new amusement park, one with dim lights and constant mystery. I believe I have found myself a new favorite song also, Bad Weather, the third track plain and simple does it for me. The permission was granted to do a re-make or in this case, remake the Fleetwood Mac tune from 1970, Hypnotized……if you already dig that tune…just wait until you get a load of this one. Truly Hypnotized!
If you are wondering what the others are looking for, head over to find it first and lead them there.

thanks to Monique for the early copy of the cd.

Check out my prior conversation with Monique Ortiz here.

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