Cheer Accident

I had the chance to chat with drummer/composer/vocalist Thymme Jones the other day as an on air guest to the show, as his band Cheer Accident was rolling into town on Sunday night at the Frequency. The boldness of their new album on Cuneiform, Fear Draws Misfortune comes out in obvious yet unfamiliar contexts. The show is as much of a sound exploration as the album suggests, riveting artistic coherency reaching lush and captivating post rock/art rock even avant-progressive……whatever you want to titled it–it takes you away with an edge of superior musicianship making the tools of the trade and the ideas of their use unconventional—unprecedented and unmatched. From the cover of the winter’s SIGNAL TO NOISE to the underground scene of the windy city, Cheer Accident is a show to be a part of, especially when you want that more to a show you might be looking for. On the album I have quickly fell flat for the interlude escape offered up by “and then you Realize you Haven’t Left yet” to the where is it going to take me feeling left from “Humanizing the Distance”. This release offers the listener some daring boundary erasing experiments set to cause inexplicable reactions.

fear draws misfortune.jpg
Cheer Accident-Fear Draws Misfortune-Cuneiform-2009

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