Change REALLY is a good thing….

From the Wednesday 2-5am time slot, where sleep and awake crossed and just waved. Then we held down the Wednesday5-7am with much laughter and cobwebs. NOW, we are going to be in the best time slot out there. Saturday Mornings from 9am until 12 Noon. Greenarrowradio will have 3, yes THREE hours of the airwaves to fill up your thirsty earholes.

So bring your working gloves, your back braces and a bottle or two of elbow grease cuz……

And I must admit, change is a good thing for us creatures of habit. I doubt I will FORGET and wake up before the sun on any Wednesday morning and proceed to the station. HIGHLY DOUBTFUL.
Really. What would you prefer? Waking up at 0′ dark 30 or getting an extra hour of programming time for a saturday gig that doesn’t take away the afternoon or evening?
Either way, GreenArrowRadio looks to bring its random music for the thirst earhole…and we realize that everyone does hear with the same ears, soooo we tend to highly ADHD when programming. We always conjure up some new music to keep the listening ears learning and fresh. We blend in something for the crowd of ears that like it a little loud and raucus. Bluegrass…Every now and again, there is even a reminder of where many of our tunes originated….and a dabbling of world music to remind us how far we have made it…at least musically.
Something I feel is very important is hearing from artists first hand, therefore, I spend a large amount of time trying to interview people I feel have something to say and people I have always wanted to talk to. I am interested to hear of an artist that you have always wished of speaking to.

We cater to all kinds of thirsty ears…tune and and you’ll hear for yourself.

Saturday Mornings 9-Noon. WHUS 91.7FM Radio for the People.

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