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After the show Saturday, went to the Monona Terrace for a gathering to celebrate youth. 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of Wisconsin Youth Company’s annual showcase of youth arts and performance. It’s a day to let young people know how much we value their contributions to our communities. It’s a celebration of the youth in our region and the diversity of their cultures, talents, and interests. We highlight the amazing talent and dedication of our youth, and give them a chance to shine and share their passions. There were multiple stages of youth performances, a visual art exhibit, hands-on activities, and exhibit booths with resources on programs and services for youth and families. It was a day filled with fun for all ages! This year’s theme is “Up in the Air.” The sky is the limit in 2009! The day showcased all things that fly and float. They actually managed to incorporate the beauty, color and captivating nature of kites as well as trapeze, juggling, aviation, birds and much more.


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