CASHMAN::Texassippi Stomp

Call it raw like a freshly opened musical wound, or perhaps you might give it the name of back porch delta swamp blues where you can feel the mosquitoes dancing on your skin. Either way, this album is meant to be played loud. The album is called “Texassippi Blues” and it couldn’t be more appropriate – a slice of Texas – a pinch of the Mississippi Delta. As someone who spins music for listeners with thirsty earholes an open minds, I find this album to satisfy the senses of those seeking a foot stomper, a “hell yeah” and to be taken back a few steps into the blues that made you remember the first time your caught an earful of the legends. Cashman is Ray Cashman & Gabby Brown, that’s right just the two making all that sound….they get a little help from Mr. Jimbo Mathus on a few tracks and the assist to his fine label, 219 Records. I give you a boot on the backside towards the music outlet of your choice to make this one a priority.

***** MisterG Rating.


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