Café Cubano- a Sound Retreat

As I have been moving into my new home, I have had the pleasure of accompanying the move with some fine Cuban guajiras, trovas, sones and boleros, which have captured me in a moment. A space I needed to find. Café Cubano is a captivating collection that will transport listeners to the charming cafes of this musically-rich Caribbean island. If you have never visited the Caribbean, the sounds here will delight you and your travel plans of the future. This album features a selection of exceptional performers who have incorporated Cuba’s diverse musical traditions and distinctive styles into their music. Several of the songs feature influences from the “nueva trova” movement, in which lyrical poetry is joined with Pan-American folk traditions. Others remain true to the sultry guajiras, romantic boleros and traditional sones which were the underpinning of the renowned Buena Vista Social Club recordings. Cuban music traces its roots back to the melodies of Europe and the rhythms of Africa, and the inspiring blend that resulted from years of interaction between these diverse cultures. Putumayo has provided me (and hopefully many others) with a sound retreat to take me away from the move and start to really MOVE it.


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