Brother Larry McDonald

It is always my pleasure to have true friends on the proGram telling us what is new via the way of what has been and crossing the paths of these stories. That’s exactly what good friend of the proGram, and of the G, Brother Larry McDonald is going to be doing this Tuesday at the UW Stevens Point. He is going to be giving a talk on the origins of Reggae music. ToGether he and I spoke of the ways it went from Ska to Rock Steady to Reggae. Larry spoke of the time Taj sent him off to get Bob Marley’s keyboard player, touring with SCRATCH at Coacheela this year and this was just a nice starting point for Brother Larry to prepare for Tuesday’s time with the youth. I am proud to have him as a friend, as a guest and as a musical partner through all these soundscapes. Here is a link to the event at UW Stevens Point. This sort of felt like a bonus portion of the show, so there was a little music with this:

Drum Say- Larry McDonald Ft. Ras Tesfa
**On air Conversation with Brother Larry McDonald**
World Party- Larry McDonald Ft. Shaza
Flight (of the Bugs)- Ox Cohen


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