Billy Martin:3/26/08 Heinen Theater

Known for his galaxy creating percussion work in Medeski Martin & Wood, Billy Martin is more than the music he creates. There is a soulful path to his avant sound exploits, there are reasons he ends up where he begins musically. This video is one of those special treats you sometimes (often) don’t get to be a part of-Vongole Films presents a rare live solo performance of Billy’s known in words as: COCONUTS FEEDING BIRDS. While the name itself conjures up odd images and the guessing of what sounds can represent this title—it becomes a thrill to watch, not just hear the avant thought expressed with rhythm and beats-and while you might not have been there originally, it is captured and caged for constant research and further experimental enjoyments–released on Billy’s Amulet Records-this is a live recording from The Heinen Theater HCC Central College Department of the Fine Arts. There are many reasons I would reccomend this video, but I want you to find out your very own likings, but for me the discussion of the master class experience, the chosen instruments, and the accompanying soundtrack to the photographic slideshow were all worth the first time view-thru!
Running time: 74 minutes


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