Baghdad SCUBA Review..DIVE IN

Last night at the High Noon Saloon, Madison’s very own Baghdad SCUBA Review tucked the hump day goodnight with a rockin’ jam party of feel good energy (not only coming from the band itself, but the SCUBA Crew in the crowd had a true positive wave about it as well). This progressive sound is a match for listeners of cross-genre likings, as it mixes a potent blend of well crafted songs with a certain stage spark that fires up easily and burns well throughout the night. With six members on stage, the intersections of where sound meets is often exact and timeless, moving from jam to groove to rock without blinking an eye, this is certainly more than a “Jamband”, it is way more than a band that jams as well. It is Baghdad SCUBA Review, and you might want to catch the wave of positive energy and sound as I am sure this band will make its way to you in one way or another soon.

Madison’s own Baghdad SCUBA Review

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