Atmosphere in here…

Well, let me first thank the fine people at Rhymesayers Entertainment for bringing the Minneapolis feel of hip hop/rhythm & Blues and some damn heavy soulfulness to Madison. We sold out the Orpheum with a sea of ready for action fans of the heavy hitting group Atmosphere. This was the first night of their “To all my Friends” tour and it was easy to see how electric the crowd made the band feel and come to life as the building became one united front conquering rhyme, rhythm and beats together. One of the most accomplished MC/producer duos Slug & Ant certainly are the blood within the touring bands heart but man, the heart itself on stage is a sick combination that brings some sweet sounding old soul and R -n- B to the front while being painted with deeply thought out, story boarding lyrics that are at times heavy on the mind and other times catchy to the vocal cords….many chances for a great crowd like we had in Madison to be in the driver seat along with Atmosphere. The extra heart pieces on the tour front are: Mankwe Ndosi on Vocals and Spirit, Nate Collis on guitar & Erick Anderson on keys. Surely a show to catch if you get a chance, as is any artist associated with this Minneapolis independent entertainment group known as Rhymesayers.

Big Thanks to J Web for all she does!!

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