Anaïs Mitchell and her voice

CauGht the set that Anaïs Mitchell put on here at Der Rathskellar and I must say that she has one of those voices that so many people TRY to have, but she’s GOT it. The clarity of the story through the raspy storyteller’s vocal, made the start as equally interesting as the ending….speaking of the way it started….so, on tour with Anaïs and her band is a group called Cuddle Magic, and their lead singer, Kristin Slipp joined Anaïs and her bandmate, Rachel Ries doing a sweet acapella version of “Golden Bird”, a track Mr. Levon Helm (R.I.P.) made famous. Playing song off her latest release “Young Man in America” and mixing in others from along the way, Anaïs even took a request from those in attendance. I see why people have been talking about her. The flexibility and versatility of musicianship extended from her band in extension with those from Cuddle Magic that added horns and strings and the image I was left with was a sense of musical harmony, or should I say harmonies.

The only other thing I can mention on a personal note is that I hope to catch her again in a setting less noisy with “overmusictalkers” and clanking beers…with that said…”Cheers”

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