All Bliss

The genre-bending duo’s first release, Why Not Now, drew on a unique blend of New Age, R&B, gospel, and Sanskrit chant influences. All Bliss has an even more eclectic, exciting palette, adding rock, pop, jazz and world music styles. “Get Together” is a fresh version of the Youngbloods’ classic hit. “Peace and Joy,” a tribute to John Lennon, echoes the sound of the Beatles. “Soul Song” and “Walking in the Bliss” are structured like chants, using repetition and a hypnotic beat to induce an uplifted trance state. “Shivaya” is literally adapted from a powerful Sanskrit chant. “Be Yourself” is a song with a pop feel and a non-conformist message, while “Mostly Love” evokes the smooth style of the Brazilian jazz singer Sad?. The lyrics for the reflective “Always Near” are adapted from a poem by the Indian teacher Yogananda. “I believe all music is spiritual,” says Narayan. “and these songs are infused with the realism of our shared spiritual journey.” I have found this sound to calm both myself and those around me as I have shared as background and soon over the airwaves and I believe this sound will transition beautifully from smooth to space.


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