After EARly a-go-go

the continuation of the long version of the proGram started at 7amCST (Saturday). This edition went from where the ear meets the soul and then where the feet hit the floor. I hope this set brouGht a sence of healing internally and a sense of release externally. That was part of the intention as I put it together in the moment……here’s what I mean:

Make a Better World- Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt
3 Little Birds-Playing for Change 2 FT Baaba Mall/Keb Mo
Day by Day- Somi
Rolling Stone- Bedouin Soundclash
Bayatak- Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo
Chicken to Change- Freshlyground

La Primera Vez- Los Tres
Guantanamo- Ocote Soul Sounds
Kobana- Alnubia Band

Resolve & Evolve- La Cherga
Disco Dzumbus- Balkan Brass Battles

Hen Ho- Nguyên Lê
My Ocean- Lal Meri
So I Say (Lemongrass Remix)- Karen Gibson Roc
Curumin- Da Cruz
Zen Dance- Carlos “go go” Gomez
Just Like me- Juakali
Solnag- EOTO
Malika Jam- Karsh Kale

White Paint- Banco de Gaia (live)
Farin Uttan at Verda Vekk (Carmen Rizzo Mix)-Valravn
Stop the War- Glideascope FT JFK
Any Girl- Bajah & the Dry Eye Crew
Solid Air- Skye Edwards

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