Charlie Hunter Trio’s Mistico

There is a slick feel to this latest release from Charlie Hunter’s Trio, like walking on a sidewalk that was shoveled too soon and a think layer of ice is still underneath. There you are mis-stepping and it feels so right. Allowing an unseen force to lead you on your way and doing so with a smile wrapped around your head. I haven’t yet discovered the land of Mistico, but I am certainly enjoying the surrounding sounds while trying to locate it. Then there are times like in track #2, “Speakers Bulit in”, where the moment of impact is eventual. As you spiral downwards you find yourself standing upright and all signs point up. Along with Charlie Hunter on 7 string guitar, Simon Lott handles the drumming duties and Erik Deutsch fingers the keys of the piano, Fender Rhodes and CasioTone. Together, this search party leads you and your ears towards unchartered sound spots, but please keep your minds open at all times, as this album features 10 tracks that will certainly challenge your memories to compare. Often times during the album as it plays the slippery sidewalk seems to lead to the ends of some world…..I’m sure this is to be continued.

CH3 Mistico Concord Music Group

Lunar Orbit: KD3

The Karl Denson Trio’s newest album, Lunar Orbit is the vessel to take space and make it into your backyard. I have been swimming in this album up to my ears and keep finding new worm-holes to depart into. As the title track blasts off, you can buckle up or feel free to roam around the cabin area inside your mind, weightlessness is around you and time seems to be irrelevant once again, like when you were a child. The grooves are very rich with a star-like brightness that easily excite your senses like the first time you saw pictures of earth from the moon. Now that’s some deep grooves. Take a breath. There is an innovator’s spirit that flows from this album, like someone has witnesses the future and is setting it into sound. With Jake Najor on Drums, Anthony Smith on keys, Karl Denson’s sax/flutes explode in evolutionary exploration and is willing to take you as a passenger. Join me on a ride? Karl Denson’s career has taken many forms. From saxophone player for Lenny Kravitz to front man of The Greyboy All-Stars and his own Tiny Universe, Karl has constantly found ways to simultaneously expand his listeners’ minds while making them move their feet. His undeniable grooves and colossal saxophone solos have taken a new form in The Karl Denson Trio.


Confusion at the Station

So well….Ummmm??? Someone said they needed a 2 hour fill-in but they must have wrote down the wrong day…who knows..I thank Nick for giving up his 7-8pm time-slot so I could bring you this:

And for those of you who were tuned in looking for 2 hours, join the club..I am sorry….ME TOO!

Refer Headed Woman- Cashman
Beer Soaked Couch Slug- John Lisi & Delta Funk
Yes We Can Can- Davis Coen
Celebrate your Youth- Keller Williams
Had Enough of Me- Darrin James Band
Do your Thing- Papa Mali
White Rabbit- Patti Smith
Revolution- Sirsy
Knockin’- Luminescent Orchestrii
Memphis in the Meantime- Gregg Allman
Mountain to Climb- Floyd Miles/Gregg Allman
How Can I miss You When You Won’t go Away- Dan Hicks
Torch- Honeytribe
Missing My Baby- G-Love
The Minx- the New Mastersounds


Frozen Roads to Travel

So, here I am in my new home-slot until sometime in January. Sunday Mornings from 6-8am CST…The groove is gettin’ back on and the rust is wearing off quickly. Check in.

Bring me Back, the Mighty Underdogs
Think Back- Galactic w/Charli 2na
She Went Around- the Tao of Groove
Hey Brother- Zap Mama w/Michael Franti
Crabbuckit- K-Os
Queen Dub- Ticklah w/Rob Symeonn
Change my Ways- the Pietasters
Time After Time- Jake Shimabukuro
Flight of the Bumblebee- LittleHorse
Take the 5th- the Brian Setzer Orchestra
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise- Bring Back Pluto
Joe Citizen- BD Lendz
Greet the Mind- Lotus (live)
Love will Sanctify the Devil’s Stomp- Green Light (live)
Mofongo Raincheck- Secretary
Mississippi Rising- Floratone
Step on it- Tal Bergman/Ron DeJesus
Dingo Dog Sled- Karl Denson Trio
Baghdad Blues- the Microscopic Septet
Chinese Twilight Zone- the Microscopic Septet
Flugefrelsarinn- Kronos Quartet
Keep on Looking- Sharon Jones & the Dapkings
Funky Helmet- the Poogie Bell Band
Balls- the Charlie Hunter Trio
Little Bag (in search of)- Chris Spies
A Style Called Crying Chic- Pop Levi
Happiness- A.K.A.C.O.D.
Revolution- Sirsy