John Hammond jr–Push Comes to Shove

The collaboration of veteran bluesman John Hammond and contemporary Philly hip-hop/soulman G Love could make some blues purists run for the hills, the duo’s work here shows there is nothing to be running from. G. produces the 64 year old Hammond’s newest release, which John actually tackles some songwriting of his own. If you recall my conversations with Garrett and John last year, we touched on that aspect. This is a release destined for good things, with that ‘lets find some trouble‘ guitar moan and the bar-b-q sizzler of harmonica, blues enthusiasts will be thrilled to the bone. For those of you looking for a cross-over track, try #5 I’m Tore Down, which features a dash of hip hop and rap colliding with the fusion of a well produced album, not an over produced mess.

MisterG Rating *****


Re-MIXED up and down.

Don’t Worry about Tomorrow, Van Morrison
Naked in the Jungle, Van Morrison
it’s alright with me, N.R.P.S
A Certain Girl, Warren Zevon
Detox Mansion, Warren Zevon
Raspberry Beret, Warren Zevon
Electric Goat, the Cubby Creatures
Biskie, Tommy Emmanuel
What’s he Building, Tom Waits
Here comes President Kill Again, XTC
Things don’t seem as Bad, Amity Front
Ultra-Funk, Los Amigos Invisibles (live)
Papa was a Rolling Stone, Los Lobos (live)
Planet of the Super Kids, Greyboy Allstars (live)
Gotta Clean up the World II, Funky Music Machine
Daytripper, Bad Brains
Potion, Morphine
Wishing Well, Morphine
French Fries & Pepper, Morphine
Supergirl’s Complaint, Bourbon Princess
the Car Song, the Cat Empire
Pack of Wild Dogs, George Clinton & P-Funk
Sexy Side of You, George Clinton & Parliament
Gapu (the tidal mix), Youth Yindi
Silaami Jama, Mama Sissoko
Tibidi Waka, Vusi Mahlasela w/Derek Trucks
Bahamut, Hazmat Modine
Beauty, Wax Poetic
Music, the Beautiful Girls
Shoes, George Soule
***Conversation with Eccodek’s Andrew McPherson***
Calling the Rain, Eccodek
Peace Time, Eccodek
Courage, Vieux Farka Toure/Banako remix
Wosoubour, Vieux Farka Toure w/Eccodek remix
Dread Clampitt, Dread Clampitt
Riding High, Dread Clampitt
American Way, the Charms
I’m Tore Down, John Hammond/G.Love
Social Aid & Pleasure Club, the Subdudes



Let me just tell you this, if you are in search of something to take your mind away from the everyday sounds and styles you are used to, go see Vieux play live anywhere. He and his band mates, combine the tradition Malian sound associated with Vieux’s father Ali, mix in its cousin the North American blues and now there are dashes and hints of Reggae and even rock and roll. I swear on the last song played, Chuck Berry jumped on stage at one point. Vieux is exciting to watch, whether it is playing his or his father’s guitar, dancing or flashing a brite smile into the crowd. At Wesleyan we were quite lucky as Mama Sissoko and Seckou Toure joined in on the magic making. Wesleyan was packed with a crowd of smiles, foot stomping and a deep puddle of self expression splashing in beat with Vieux triumphant sound of mother earth, and his motherland Mali.
This was a show were connection were made, I came away feeling more in synch with the very soil I walk on and the water I drink seems to trickle down from those very strings Ali Farka Toure once strummed, and now I am pleased to have Vieux pouring that water into our thirsty earholes.


Stay tuned for an upcoming conversation with Vieux and his team at Modiba Productions.

This is a FIVE STAR ***** Show. Not to be Missed!

Eccodek’s Andrew McPherson

Rising from the underground of Toronto’s multicultural music melting pot, Eccodek’s visionary blend of downtempo grooves, tribal electronica and world dub is quickly capturing the attention of the international music scene. Andrew McPherson, the mastermind behind the ECCODEK sound, collaborated for several years with musicians from around the world before the 2004 Canadian indie release of his much-anticipated debut recording, More Africa In Us. A chance meeting with Rwandan expatriate Ignace Ntirushwamaboko and Malian vocal powerhouse Samba Diallo resulted in a fusion that none of them saw coming. Anchored by their soulful voices, their passionate performances sit on a mountain of dubby bass, ethnic and urban grooves, spaced out synths and a quilt work of eastern melodies. Andrew and I share a laugh or two, discuss some new projects accomplished and in the works and discuss his new album coming out this April.

Check out our conversation here.



Beautiful Soldier, Nadine Zahr
Jackknifes, Red Heart the Tickler
End of the Line, Emily Grogan
Psychedelia in A, Emily Grogan
Movin’ Room for a New Day, Emily Grogan
Share the Ride, Lisa Lawrence
Compass Rose, Chris Pureka
Big Lovin’ Woman, Shemekia Copeland (live)
Them Changes, Nikki Armstrong
What’s Wrong with Me, Skye (Nouvelle Vague Remix)

*Chat w/Terry Reeves of MusicMattersEntertainment*

Mood Swing, luscious Jackson
Fly Away, Sara Wasserman & Aaron Neville
**Conversation with Sara Wasserman**
Fresh out of Tears, Sara Wasserman
Sara Smile, Sara Wasserman/Vernon Reid
Beautiful, Tristan Prettyman/G.Love
Centre of nowhere, LadyBUG Mecca
Gembi, Ramatou Dikite
Bassa Kele, Mamou Sidibe
Enter Sandman, Harptallica
Children of the Grave, Desiree Bassett


Who’s That with the talking Hat?

Take this Hammer, Taj/Toumani
Sangare, Vieux Farka Toure
Ana, Vieux Farka Toure
Ma Hire Cocore, Vieux Farka Toure
High up on the Hook, Alice Russell
L.I.N.N., Linn & Freddie
Until the Morning, Thievery Corporation/Kid Loco
Johnny Come Lately, the Microscopic Septet
Urban Mbalax, Brewed by Noon
Almost Gone, Hazmat Modine
Savane, Ali Farka Toure
Fantastic Plastic People, Jimmy Cliff
Over the Border, Jimmy Cliff/Joe Strummer
Radio Unfree Europe, Transglobal Underground (remix)
Gotta Have Rain, Sol
The Turning Point, Uakti
Patricia, Ry Cooder/Manuel Galban
Caballo Viejo, Manuel Galban/Ry Cooder
Sunday Afternoon, Herbal Nation
Mas y Mas, Los Lobos
Jin-go-la-ba, Babatunde Olatunji
Kiyakiya, Babatunde Olatunji
Zillionaire, Brickell/Garcia/Wasserman
Godfather Waltz, Gambetta/Aonza/Grisman


the Jamie McLean band LIVE

It was a snowy evening, but as expected the Jamie McLean band brought Rock and Roll to the Main Pub in Manchester. From the moment the first note struck, people knew they were in store for something different, but in my opinion, they weren’t ready for songs and style reflecting an early Black Crowes with more intelligent lyrics. This is a rock and roll band my friends, a rock and roll band with backbone and style. This is not a jam band or Louisiana Swamp Boogie, this is not a fusion of anything but 2 parts ROCK and 2 Parts ROLL. Jamie’s electrifying guitar work as well as his soulful vocals and his unique songwriting will make the JMB a group to keep your eyes and watch out for in your neck of the woods.

By the Way. Did I mention anything about the Jamie McLean band being a kick ass rock -N- roll band??


Brought 2 U by the letter, G

A quote from a song comes to mind for this show…”with no direction known…..a complete unknown…”

I’m not talking, the Yardbirds
I Wish You Would, the Yardbirds
Love me Like I love you, the Yardbirds
I’m a Man, the Yardbirds
Smokestack Lightnin’, the Yardbirds
All Over Now, the Rolling Stones
Bi-Polar, Ike Turner
Old Black Magic, Dr. John
Save the Bones for Henry Jones, Dr. John
Money Won’t Change You, Aretha Franklin
Since you’ve Been Gone, Aretha Franklin
From the Bottom up, Dayna Kurtz
Hot’Lanta, NRG w/ Nicole Hart
She Makes me Want to Sing, Jerry Douglas/Derek Trucks
Swiing Blues #1, Jerry Douglas/John Fogerty
Two Trains Runnin’, James Cotton
Creeper Returns, Mark Hummel
I only Have One Love, Phantom Blues Band w/Taj
Watch Me Fly, Reuben Wilson
Butter for Yo’ Popcorn, the New Mastersounds
Tarzan, Cadillac Jones
All Good Children, John Popper Project/DJ Logic
Soul Kissing, DJ Logic
Musicology, Prince
Message in a Bottle, Matisyahu
Lively up Yourself, Charlie Hunter Quartet
the good, the bad, the ugly, the Dillingers
theme to the Magnificent Seven, the Dillengers
Do your Thing, Papa Mali
Ain’t that Right, G-Love
Missing my Baby, G-Love


I’m Tore Down, John Hammond/G-Love
Eyes Behind Your Head, John Hammond
Celebrate Your Youth, Keller Williams & Friends
Cadillac, Keller Williams/Bob Weir
Black Water, JJ Grey & Mofro
Soulshine, Gov’t Mule (live)
Happy Hour, Whiskey & Co.
A Drink for you, Whiskey & Co.
All Cause of you, the 88
Tabara, Vieux Farka Toure/Ali Farka Toure


Putumayo: A New Groove

…This album carries a universal appeal, sound space that allows you/invites you to join in. The flavor is ripe togetherness, a club where open minds do meet. For a moment, you find yourself enriched deeply in the soul of a cosmopolitan scene that transcends fame and fortune into sounds and rhythms all people relate to. This collection of innovative listeners turned creators provides a robust an technologically superior super record needle that is secure in A NEW GROOVE….


(review submitted to Putumayo by: MISTERG)

You all Remember Skeebo Knight…

friend of the greenarrowradio program and one heck of a drummer, Mr. Skeebo Knight is featured in todays set. Check out our conversation and listen to his grooves.

Rock me Amadeus, Mariposa
Stuyane/Male-Le, Transglobal Underground w/Trio Bulgarko
Kara Kum, Banco de Gaia
Connection, Brewed by Noon
Sangare, Vieux Farka Toure
Ernie, Fat Freddys Drop
Rainbow, G-Love
Food in the Belly, Xavier Rudd
Mana, Xavier Rudd
I’m Tore Down, John Hammond/G-Love
Vishnu Dub, Club d’Elf
Straight Healing Song, Gerald Primeaux Sr.
Beauty, Wax Poetic
La Temperatura, Ozomatli
Unrock, Gabriel Rios
Crabbuckit, K-Os
the Chamber, Neil Schon
Neighbor Neighbor, Gregg Allman


I like’s That< Skeebo Knight
Richard’s Amazing Riding Mower, Skeebo Knight
Dana’s Lick, Ripplegroove
Interplanetary Love Song, Chris Spies
42, Krita Yuga
Black Flames, Chick Corea
Innocence Lost, the Jamie McLean Band


WOMEN in MUSIC…What can be better?

…I’ll tell you what might be better…PART TWO OF WOMEN IN MUSIC NEXT WEEK!!!!

D.I.Y, Exit Clov
Violent Berries, Exit Clov
From the Bottom up, Dayna Kurtz
Ol’ Cook Pot, the Duhks
Mountain o’ Things, the Duhks
Girl of Opportunity, Angeline
Out of Control, Lisa Lawrence
My Dear Country, Norah Jones
Shakespeare, Susan Cagle
Transitional, Susan Cagle
Beauty, Wax Poetic
Waiting in Vain, Rolla
Rock & a Hard Place, Supreme Beings of Leisure
Fight & Make up, Briana Holcombe
Clean up Woman, Nikki Armstrong (live)
Porchswing, Bourbon Princess
Done, Michelle Suesens
Crimson & Clover, Evil Stig
Oh Atlanta, Alison Krause & Union Station
VooDoo Woman, the NRG band feat. Nicole Hart (live)


Hot’lanta, the NRG band feat. Nicole Hart (live)
Intruder, Janis Joplin
Coo Coo, Janis Joplin
Revolution Eventually, Sugarbitch
I Drink, Southern Crush


Introducing Sara Wasserman,

Music has been a part of Sara’s life from day one. The daughter of Grammy-winning bassist Rob Wasserman, Sara was immersed in a rare musical world from an early age. This experience has molded her into a young artist with whom few can compare. Even though she has been surrounded by many great people of art, what made me want to talk with her is her ability to create her own song & unique musical style. Her musical influences draw from a diverse list of artists, but it is the voice of Sara Wasserman that I believe will be the inspiration of those seeking a fresh blend of expressive lyrics with seductive melodies.. From her soul-stirring ballads to her sensual up-tempo vocals, Sara’s unique take on contemporary melodies is a refreshingly creative approach.

And soon I will be spinning a variety of songs from Miss Wasserman that’ll be sure to fuel your open minds and fill those thirsty earholes.



Who’s in Charge here?

SO, I was on air from 8am until HIGH noon EST and the show really took off at times, there was more than one moment when I felt like Evil Knievel.
Where else can you find a diverse set list like this? IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER? I don’t think so!!!

Coffee, Papa Mali
Kid Kenner, Galactic
Soulshine, Gov’t Mule
Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing, MSMW
Legalize It, MSMW
Suits me Fine, King Johnson
Got the Devil in You, King Johnson
A’int Next to You, King Johnson
Toward the Within, Dead can Dance
the Snake & the Moon, Dead can Dance
the Waiting Noon, Bourbon Princess
Supergirl’s Complaint, Bourbon Princess
Rhythm & Booze, Treat her Right
I Wish You Would, Treat her Right
Frankie Doris, Corey Harris
Downhome Sophisticate, Corey Harris
Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Taj Mahal
Kit it Coming, BB King/D’Angelo
Mean Ol’ Lonesome Train, John Hammond
If you Wanna R-n-R, John Hammond
I’m Tore Down, John Hammond w/G-Love
Whole Nutha Thang, Keb’ Mo’
Close the Door, the Holmes Brothers
Bad Moon Rising, the Holmes Brothers
Everybody Loves You, Hazmat Modine
In-a-Gadda-da-Vida, Yat Kha
Black Magic Woman, Yat-Kha
Win my Train Fare Home,Robert Plant/Justin Adams (live, Mali)
Asa Branca, Forro in the Dark feat. David Byrne
All Day Today, Los Amigos Invisibles
Mao Mao, Los Amigos Invisibles
Cha Cha, Balkan Beat Box
Ya Man, Balkan Beat Box
Solace, DJ Cheb i Sabbah
the Khaleegi Stomp, Transglobal Underground
Samsara, Krita Yuga
Will Run, Raq
The Minx, the New Mastersounds
Credits, the Aquarium
Mississippi Boll Weevil, N. Missi. All Stars
Mean Ol’ Wind.., North Miss. All Stars
Why you Wanna Bring me Down, Honeytribe live Orlando
Minor Swing, Freak Guitar
Funky Good Time, Melvin Sparks
Fueled for Surf, 9th Wave
Surf on the Nile, 9th Wave
Action, the Charms
Real Mean Bottle, Bob Seger/Kid Rock
Breathe it Live it, Dubconscious


What goes Wrong will make you Strong

Overall, the show was a mirrored image of my mood. Very blah and grrrr!!!.. Seems as though the equipment felt the same way as technical difficulties were around every corner. Oh, well, we all survived and the tunes were making folks happy. But I was disappointed with how this show went down, but here is what it looked like.

I Must be Mad, the Craig
You’ve got me Rockin’, Carl Palmer’s PM
Thunder on the Mountain, Bob Dylan
Someday Baby, Bob Dylan
How Can I Miss U When U Won’t go Away?, Dan Hicks & Hot Licks
Flip My Mind, Woodleg Odd
Knockin’, Luminescent Orchestrii
Mama Bring your Clothes Back Home, Phillip Walker
Honey Stew, Phillip Walker
See These Tears, Canned Heat
Live Together, Bernard Allison
Check Yourself, Oteil & the Peacemakers
Social Aid & Pleasure Club, the Subdudes
Looking at You, the Subdudes feat. Rosie Ledet
Blues for Luci, Pedro Arevalo
Chocolate on my tongue, the Wood Brothers
Atlas, the Wood Brothers
Bread & Water, Robert Walter
Somethings Wrong w/this Picture, Galactic
Mystery Tube, Galactic
Rainy Day, Keller Williams/Martin Sexton
VooDoo Woman, NRG feat. Nicole Hart (live)
Hot’Lanta, NRG feat. Nicole Hart (live)
High up on the Hook, Alice Russell
Everything, Jehro
Diatto feat. Ali Farka Toure, Vieux Farka Toure
Home Movies, Jamie McLean
Innocence Lost, Jamie McLean
Piece of Junk, Brian Setzer
Drive like Lightning/Crash like Thunder, B. Setzer
Power of Soul, Buddy Miles/Billy Cox
Mustang Sally, Buddy Guy/Jeff Beck
Crystal Silence, Chick Corea/Gary Burton


YOU and ME-dia.

The Great Ceilidh Swindle, Peatbog Faeries
Gypsy’s Kolo, Borat Sndtrk
Magic Mamaliga, Borat Sndtrk
the Sikhman & the Rasta, Transglobal underground
Kharma Police, EasyStar All Stars/Citizen Cope
I wanna do Something Freaky 2 u, Leon Haywood
All Cause of You, the 88
Calling the Rain, Eccodek
100 Drums, Eccodek
Sly, the Cat Empire
Equalizer, K-Os
Valhalla, K-Os
Dirty Laundry, Bitter:Sweet
the Hop, Radio Citizen w/Bajka
Let’s Dance, Jake Shimabukuro
Redemption, Andy Timmons Band
Toure de Niafunke,Vieux Farka Toure/Toumani Diabate
Ngolowake, Manu Dibango
Brazil, Chick Corea
Limbertango, Gary Burton
Arabia, David Grisman/Jerry Garcia
Tiembla Tierra, Hilario Duran
Hot House, Hilario Duran


Feb. 3rd at REAL ART WAYS…

Durán/Schloss/Mitri Trio.
Hilario Durán, Andrew Schloss, and Irene Mitri combine Afrocuban jazz with live electronics and interactive computer music to create a sound entirely their own. While Durán is a world-class jazz pianist and composer from Cuba, and Mitri is a lyrical violinist who has expanded into Latin Jazz. This musical experiment, putting together contemporary Afrocuban jazz and traditional Cuban music with the newest computer music augmentation, has toured across Canada and the U.S.. I had a chance to catch up with Dr. Schloss to discuss the upcoming show and more.
Andrew Schloss is a pioneer in new musical instruments, and a virtuoso on an instrument dubbed the Radio Drum. He has received numerous awards and fellowships: Fulbright Scholar in France at IRCAM/Centre George Pompidou, collaborative composer’s grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, research fellowship from the BC Advanced Systems Institute (ASI), Research/Creation Grant from SSHRC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council), commission from the British Columbia Arts Council, among others. He has been a JUNO Awards judge in the World Music category for several years, as well as a consultant to the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies, and other organizations. He has also focused his work on performance and composition with this instrument, using it to explore interactive computer music and improvisation. As a percussionist and computer musician, he has performed with such legendary figures as Tito Puente, Chucho Valdés, and more recently with Rickie Lee Jones and Joe Jackson at the EMP (Experience Music Project) opening concert in Seattle. in my conversation with Dr. Schloss, we will also discuss his business venture called Physiosonics and his involvement with Public Art installations collaborating with several other artists on major installations.



Brought to you by the # 7

Seems as though many of the tracks I featured today we the # 7 song on the album.

Mountain to Climb, Floyd Miles/Gregg Allman
Not like I been hurt by You, F.Miles/G. Allman
Late at Night, the Subdudes
Holy Water, the Jamie McClean Band
Innocence Lost, the Jamie McClean Band
Waiting in Vain, Rolla
What’s Wrong w/Me, Skye (Nouvelle Vague Mix)
Breathe it Live it, Dubconscious
Lapdance, John Popper Project w/DJ LOGIC
Louisiana Sky, J. Popper Project w/DJ LOGIC
Play This, Keller Williams
All in a Day, Joe Strummer & Mescaleros
It’s all About you, the Goldstars
The Room got Heavy, Yo La Tango
While my Guitar Gently Weeps, Jake Shimabukuro
Grandma’s Groove, Jake Shimabukuro
Cantina Senese, Tommy Emmanuel
Gameshow/Cannonball Rags, Tommy Emmanuel
I don’t Want you no More, F. Miles/G. Allman
Hot’Lanta, NRG feat. Nicole Hart (live)
Do your Thing, Papa Mali
Dreamer, Papa Mali
Gotta Have Rain, Sol
Ninja of Love, Keller Williams/Michael Franti
Communist BBQ, Exit Clov
Compass Rose, Chris Pureka
From the Bottom up, Dayna Kurtz
Mountains o’ Things, the Duhks
Master of Puppets, HARPTALLICA


Get Out of the WAYYYYYYYY!

I was almost late today because I guess, well, people feel that a little wind and temperatures just under freezing will make your car explode if you go even 10 miles an hour under the speed limit….See, another reason why each year for Christmas I ask for my own road everywhere. GRRRRR…..

Polkarama, Weird Al
Cold, Cold, World, Floyd Miles/Gregg Allman
Way Down Deep, Richie Havens
Mountain to Climb, Floyd Miles/Gregg Allman
Wide Load, the Subdudes
Hug my Radiator, Dion
Boogie Woogie Country Man, Jerry Lee Lewis
Double Guatamala, Gary Burton & Friends
the Blues Walk, Gary Burton & the Berklee All Stars
Do the Dirt, Phantom Blues Band
I Only Have Love, Phantom Blues Band feat. Taj Mahal
Mary Ann, Phantom Blues Band
Suits me Fine, King Johnson
Celebrate Your Youth, Keller Williams & Friends
Ice Cream Samich, Skeebo Knight
I’m the Man, Lee Fields
Coffee, Papa Mali
Pee with Your Father, Robbie Roadsteamer
I don’t Play, Magic Dick & J. Geils
Temperature, Magic Dick & J. Geils
Ask Me No Questions, Albert King/Stevie Ray Vaughn
I Pity the Fool, BB King/Mr. Buddy Guy
Memphis in the Meantime, Gregg Allman
Shotgun Willie, Willie Nelson
Good Hearted Woman, Willie/Waylon (live)
Can’t Teach an old dog, Gary “U.S.” Bonds/the Boss/Southside Johnny
Don’t Think Twice, Mike Ness
Every Hungry Woman, Allman Brothers (live 1970)
Long Hair, Little Barrie
Blackwater, JJ Grey & MoFro
Holy Water, Jamie McLean Band
Childe, Dana Varon
Jungle Jazz, Kool & the Gang
Jungle Wisdom, Dr. Lonnie Smith
Live Together, Bernard Allison
Jesus is…Robert Randolph Family Band/Eric Clapton
Innocence Lost, Jamie McLean Band
How Sweet it is, Jerry Garcia Band (live)


Gary Burton Brings GOOD VIBES…

Jazz legends Chick Corea and Gary Burton debut their virtuoso jazz duets in a cabaret setting at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Friday and Saturday, January 26 and 27 at 8 p.m. The first collaboration by these trailblazing jazz legends resulted in 1972’s sublime duet album, “Crystal Silence“, the jazz-fusion recording that thrust Corea and Burton into the consciousness of America. Ever influential, and with separate careers that periodically intersect, these kindred spirits have continued to compose, perform and record fresh jazz works that break new ground. Corea has produced a staggering volume of recordings over the past 40 years, and is one of the most prolific composers of the second half of the 20th century. In 2006 he received the Award of the Piano Festival Ruhr in Germany, a lifetime achievement award previously presented to only eight musicians. He also premiered a new piano concerto in Austria as part of the gala Mozart festival in Vienna.
In the 1960s, Burton and his fusion band pioneered the use of electric guitar in pushing the jazz form toward the explosive rock genre. Burton’s innovations in jazz, especially his approach to the vibraphone and his mastery of simultaneous four-mallet playing, have been the hallmark of his 40-year career. He has earned five Grammy awards and 13 Grammy nominations that cross multiple categories and attest to the high regard his music has achieved among his peers.
Don’t miss these jazz virtuosos in their first appearance in Storrs.

Check out my conversation with Mister Gary Burton here.


Gregg Allman & Friends Show

We were treated like V.I.P’s the whole night, even hanging out with Mr. Allmans # 1 tour man, Chank. Chank is the man who they defined the term “COOL” after. Gregg was obviously under the weather, and I say obvious because he mentioned it once and never looked back. So we knew, by that one mention and the constant tea/honey concoction he sipped on through out the show at the WOLF DEN in the Mohegan Sun Casino. Floyd Miles‘ voice rang through on a couple of his own tracks and I have to say, crowd watching was in rare form that night. I made many a friend and want to thank the Saugus Gang and my photographers for the evening, Wendy and Ken. MANY THANKS to GOOD PEOPLE.


I’m No Angel
House Of Blues
Just Like A Woman
You Must Be
All My Friends
Multi Colored Lady
Can’t Turn You Loose
Going Back To Daytona
Midnight Rider
Whipping Post

Statesboro Blues