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A few more before the real show

Zona Mona- Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Shuba Yatra- Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Ralph’s Banjo Special- D. Grisman/S. Bush
From the Bottom up- Dayna Kurtz
Midnight Man- the Allman Brothers
Christy Leigh- Pedro Arevalo & Friends
Nebula- Intergalactic Transmitter
No Better Way- Donna Jean & the Tricksters (live)
High Guy- David Gans
Good Luck Chuck- the Dandy Warhols
Bela Lugosi’s Dead- Bauhaus
Crystallize It- Strings of Consciousness
In a Hole- Brazz Tree
Yako- the Afromotive
Envy no Good- Mercury Dana Band
Sweeper Soul- Super Mambo 69
Baba- Global Drum Project
Bamana Niya- Toubab Krewe (live)
7 Seconds- Youssou N’Dour/Neneh Cherry
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise- Bring Back Pluto
Golden Isles Groove- Skeebo Knight
Technicolor Nightmare- Christian McBride
NY:Insane Inside the City- Stan Harrison
Baby Elephants n’ Thangs- Baby Elephants w/George Clinton
Ghetto Street- DumpstaPhunk (live)
Don’t Mess With Mr. T- James Taylor Quartet


re-FLECK-ting on the Flecktones show.

What can be said that hasn’t been….for me, the show usually begins when Victor Wooten gets his bass some “alone time” on stage. Not to disappoint, this bass space was far-reaching, oft-exploratory and bone-a-fide funky at times. Jeff Coffin kept reminding me why sax is so damn good. Just imagine the Flecktones without it. Yeah, I agree. Where o’ Where are you tonight….Futureman is one cool cat (check out my past interview with Roy Wooten) with his unique blending of percussive magic from this world and beyond I found myself happily lost from thoughts other than “the moment” while he worked his art in front of our eyes. Speaking of right in front of our eyes, Bela Fleck can make his fingers appear like they wiggle and jive right in front of you, wherever you sit or stand at a show. He not only uses those banjo strings to play to us, but thankfully has found a way to use those strings to bring us to the music…with so much to take out of a Flecktones show, I really got a kick out of the rendition of the BeatlesCome Together“, just so perfectly true on that night.


Strings of Consciousness-Our Moon Is Full

In September of 2007 Central Control International will be unveiling Strings of Consciousness onto the wider-world. The first breath for this being started as a small group of musicians from Marseilles, France, the ensemble expanded by recruiting like-minded musicians from across the Globe. Their unique sound has been likened to latter-day Talk Talk, Angelo Badalamenti, Do Make Say Think, Tortoise and Arab Strap ñ often in the same sentence. Our Moon Is Full features vocal collaborations from J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Scott McCloud (Girls Against Boys), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Lisa Smith-Klossner, Pete Simonelli (Enablers), Black Sifichi and BA. There are minutes during this album where I consumed more than I was ready for and had to start over, it made for an interesting listen, like when your teacher was taken with a cold and lead class with a whisper. You were compelled to listen MORE. This is an album to let yourself swim inside of, go towards the deep end and float away.

Strings of Consciousness-Our Moon is Full

Zack De La Rocha’s debut

Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha has completed his debut solo album, which was seven years in the making. De La Rocha collaborated closely with The Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore, and Billboard.com quotes a source that says it sounds like Led Zeppelin meets Dr. Dre.” Since leaving the band in 2000, De La Rocha has worked with several artists including DJ Shadow and Trent Reznor, but it is not yet known if these artists will feature on the album. The report also reveals that some of the album was recorded at an eco-friendly studio in Los Angeles, owned by Jack Johnson. Since De La Rocha is currently unsigned, a release date is unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, reunited Rage Against The Machine play the following shows this fall:

New Orleans, LA City Park (Voodoo Music Experience) (October 27)
Las Vegas, NV Sam Boyd Stadium (Vegoose Festival) (28)

Something to look forward too times two.


Toubab Krewe at High Noon

West Africa never felt so close as it did on Sunday night when Toubab Krewe took the stage at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. There is some kind of wonderful happening when the cultures of a roots-centric West Africa and the rockin’ of the rolling hills in North Carolina collide in a rhythmic force so powerful you can feel the earth take a breath of contentment. The soles of people bare feet were in step with the beats of a sound so “in the now” that you could almost see people embark as if they stepped foot in the transporter room on Star Trek. The band sweats out exploration and expansion, and the music that follows them on the stage beams with excitement and demands that you move along whichever way you choose. They have been features at venues such as the Bonnaroo and Vegoose festivals to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Their live shows and self-titled debut album have won international acclaim from the New York Times, Global Rhythm, fRoots, NPR and more. The members of Toubab Krewe developed their unique sound over the course of numerous extended trips to Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast, where they immersed themselves in the local culture and studied and performed with luminaries such as Lamine Soumano, Vieux Kante, Madou Dembele and Koungbanan Conde.

Opening the show was Yawo. The set was an elaborate blend of afro-cuban beats and funky scales which took potions of his Togo, West African homeland and global rhythms which manage to combine luscious melodies with a get-up-and-groove music that won over the crowd easily.

toube krewe 0044.jpg
Yawo at High Noon Saloon

toube krewe 0122.jpg
TOUBAB KREWE 9/16/07 Madison WI

Weather Report..and all that Jazz

Leugdeu Monhzeu- Gino Sitson feat. Ron Carter
La Shea’s Walk- Carl Allen/Rodney Whitaker
Cut & Paste- Ron Carter
Footprints- Michael Wolfe Trio
Smokin’ a Half Note- Mark Mosley
Experience in E- Weather Report
Directions (take 1) Weather Report*
Cosmic Strut- the Mahavishnu Project
Vector Patrol- Projekct Two
Hoarded Dreams (part1)- Graham Collier
12 Planets- Doctor Phibes
Station 9- Nebelnest
Not From Around Here- Far Corner
Chinese Twilight Zone- the Microscopic Septet
Mofongo Raincheck- Secretary
Miller Time- Victor Wooton/Marcus Miller (live)
Tease- G.Howe/V.Wooten/D.Chambers
Game is Rigged- Vernon Reid & Masque
Floratone- Frisell/Chamberlain
Pemble’s Tremble- Mark Elf
Clinton Park- Melvin Sparks
Chaung Tzu’s Dream- William Parker/Hamid Drake

* Previous Unreleased


Secretary – Secret Life of Secretary

This is the solo project by Moist Paula Henderson, frontwoman and baritone sax player from New York’s all-instrumental trio Moisturizer. On the album, she plays all the instruments…she is the sound. Secret Life Of Secretary is improvisation, vocal layering, Garage Band loop manipulation, and total avant-electro. It is easy to relate to if you have a pulse that beats to a different drummer, or in this case a Baritone Sax. This album not only takes sounds and makes them fit into empty spots on a puzzle left behind when others could finds the pieces, but it provides the listeners with a collision of olfactory stimulations and a smash of unseen colors that I believe she created alone in her room with a “typing” effect that is true to herself. On this album, I feel that Paula has explored herself and found that not only can she play a saxophone that can knock your socks off and leave marks that you brag about to your friends, but also she is an exceptional writer that keeps perspective in her life. I had the chance to meet Paula when Burnt Sugar was in my neighborhood and we got to hang out a bit, and let me tell you this….the person is as keen as the sound is remarkable. Her aura swept me off my feet and her playing keeps me dancing with open thoughts about where music, THIS music, can take me.

You’d do yourself right by getting a copy of this album. It is available NOW via mail order and at cdbaby, itunes and all the regular outlets of your choosing.


Joe Zawinul..the man & the music

Pioneering Austrian jazz pianist Joe Zawinul was one of the front runners in the development of jazz fusion along with Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis. Best known as the founder of the band Weather Report, with Miroslav Vitous and Wayne Shorter with whom he had previously recorded two albums as part of Davis’ studio band, in his final years he headed the ensemble called The Zawinul Syndicate.Mr. Zawinul is often credited with aiding revolutionary fretless bass virtuoso Jaco Pastorius rise to popularity by giving him the position as bassist for Weather Report in the mid 1970s. Pastorus debuted on the track Cannonball, which is a tribute to Cannonball Adderley.Several artists have honoured Zawinul with songs, notably Brian Eno‘s instrumental “Zawinul/Lava”, McLaughlin’s instrumental “Jozy” and Warren Cuccurullo’s “Hey Zawinul“. Zawinul, along with Corea and Hancock, was one of the first to integrate electric pianos and early synthesizers like the ARP 2600 in 1973’s Sweetnighter. He was among the first to use a Fender-Rhodes with a Phasing effect and a Wah-Wah pedal. His creativity and attention to detail resulted in a very contemporary and modern sound. He also has played the kalimba on Weather Report’s Mysterious Traveller and Mr. Gone. Classically trained at the Vienna Conservatoire, Zawinul played in various broadcasting and studio bands before emigrating to the U.S. in 1959, where he played with Maynard Ferguson and Dinah Washington before joining the Cannonball Adderley Quintet in 1961. Zawinul’s biggest commercial success [citation needed] came from his composition “Birdland”, a 6-minute opus featured on Weather Report’s 1977 album Heavy Weather. “Birdland” is one of the most recognizable jazz pieces of the 1970s, covered by many prominent artists from The Manhattan Transfer to Maynard Ferguson. Even Weather Report’s version received significant mainstream radio airplay — unusual for them — and served to convert many new fans to music which they may never have heard otherwise.

Zawinul was hospitalized in his native Vienna on August 7, 2007, only one week after concluding a six-week tour in Hungary. He died of cancer on September 11, 2007.

Mr. Joe Zawinul

What it is…and what Will be.

Here is this weeks mock set list by request from overseas. Hopefully the weather where you are is conducive to smiling faces and a creative mind-flow….Maybe some of this will help:

Zitherbell- Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project
Sexual Alchemy- LadyBug Mecca
Centre of Nowhere- LadyBug Mecca
Nickel Bags- Digable Planets
Impossible & Overwhelming- Bassnectar
What’s the Time- The Littlemen
Cosmic Melody- Mark Farina
Make Love to Dub- Mad Professor/Ariwa Artists
So ma guisee- Mo’ Horizons
Shakara- Fela Kuti
Mali Sadjo- Toubab Krewe
Late Night Call- The Pietasters
Fozzy (part 1)- The Pietasters
Papa- Angelique Kidjo
Maria Jose- Kinky
Nivedan- Anoushka Shankar (healing the divide)
Disciples of Funk(return of the Funkateers)-Bootsy’s Rubber Band
Los Bandidos- Cameron Mizell
The Whipper-Cameron Mizell
Swimming Pool of Bliss- Green Light
Something at my Feet- Davis Coen
Treat Yo Mama- the John Butler trio
Slow Down Sugar- John Lisi & Delta Funk
Bright Lights, Big City- Umphrey’s McGee*
Atmosfarag- Umphrey’s McGee*
That Old Black Magic- Dr. John
Moonchild- Cibo Matto
Know Your Chicken- Cibo Matto
Big Bang- Swati
Believe in Love- Jacnique
Little Bird- Sara Wasserman/Christian McBride
Numb- Portishead
The Pusher- Nina Simone (live)

* Denotes Show in Madison on Sept. 13th


The Chicken Chokers.

The signature sound of The Chicken Chokers combines a string pounding 4-man rhythm section, ever-crazed fiddling, infamous ‘air-raid siren’ vocals, and the hallmark Chicken Choker Big Boy Chorus. Throughout the 80’s the Chokers entertained many, influenced a select few, and recorded 2 albums for Rounder Records before exploding in all musical directions. Recent twenty year reunions reveal that the Choker Drive survived the explosion. Combining the unvarnished, primitive energy of the early years with sound scrapbooks from 5 separate musical journeys, the band endures, still inspiring amateur dancers and professional revelers to higher states of consciousness. This album is kind to your ears and your feet at the same time. It is a blend of ten recognizable tracks with one original, yet with the Chokers’ twist to some of these ole favorites, you’ll be heading off on your own musical explosion. Be warned…this album comes complete with strings attached.

Muddy River release ’07

Check out UNA’s One.

Talk about down-tempo tres chic pop that can chill out the warmest of listeners. This eclectic, multi-instrumental SoCal-based trio that likens their distinct sound to “an experiment in Latin, blues, trip-hop and soul.” UNA has left a mark with me by the Portishead/Morcheeba sound-a-like moments with just as much trip as hop and soul. If UNA is the focus at any local or near -enough-bye chillout club, get there and be ready to groove graciously, with slow rhythms and conscious beats…aware yet never over dominant. Who/What is UNA? Jazz/electronic explorers combining the sultry voice of Jennifer Cook with the inspired keyboards and guitar of The Mighty One (Richard Larsen), and the down-tempo turntables of Eddie Barajas. I have a good feeling and a sneaky suspicion that listening to this album, ONE by UNA, will make you the cool kid on the block.


Another week of a show in my mind

Passion Dance- McCoy Tyner Quartet
Conductor 71- Fujiya & Miyagi
Let There Be Light- Zohar
Tala Matrix- Tabla Beat Science (live in S.F)
Funky in the Middle- Nickodemus
Give the Drummer Some- Nickodemus
Back in Black- Robot Goes Here
Half Time- Mogwai
My Brain is Hanging Upside Down- The Ramones
Born Permanently Cool- The Key Party
Whichside- Leiana
Kitten Next Door- A Brokenheart Pro
Talk Dirty To Me- JUNIOR
Totally Awesome- Honchie
Bibou- Daby Toure
Easy Motion Tourist- King Sunny Ade
E’mma- Toure Kunda
Pata Pata- Miriam Makeba
Como soy Cubano- Habana Abierta
Keep Your Culture- Corey Harris
Let them Knock- Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Flesh Shapes the Day- the Nightwatchman
Pray- the Book of Knots feat. Tom Waits
Oh Georgey- Holmes
Fire on the Ocean- Jesse Harris
Anni Kookoo- Xavier Rudd
The Sun is Shining Down- JJ Grey & Mofro
The Movement- JazzHOPRevolution
The Myth- JazzHOPRevolution
Everything’s Different- Zeph & Azeem
Underground For Dummies- Sage Francis


CBGB (OMFUG) forever.

You like punk rock? You like the sounds of underground rock -n- roll? TRUE punked out rock and roll? Let me tell you what should be in your player tomorrow and there is no surprise it is a Wicked Cool Records release. Long known to have the best sound of any room in the world, where the sounds would begin to live within your body..CBGB‘s was and will always be a legend of and within New York City’s underground music scene. Thankfully some of the artists of that scene trickled out above ground now and again. Hilly Kristal started it in 1973 and even though the initials stood for Country, Bluegrass, and Blues it would be the birthplace of Punk. This great release known as Little Steven’s Underground Garage presents: CBGB FOREVER has Fourteen studio tracks, including RARE cuts from Green Day, U2 and Foo Fighters. Plus additional songs from Audioslave, Ramones, Good Charlotte, Talking Heads, Rancid, Velvet Revolver and more. Liner notes by Lenny Kaye (guitarist for Patti Smith Group & producer of NUGGETS compilation). Features artwork by Arturo Vega, artistic director for The Ramones. I can feel myself there again, as I was fortunate enough to see a few shows there, especially when hearing the middle of the album Patti Smith Group doing Till Victory. If you were another fortunate soul who stepped into the doors and walked the walk, you need to add this to your history…if you were not able to get there, this will help give you a good idea of just how good it rerally did sound at CBGBs.

CBGB FOREVER & RIP Mr. Hilly Kristal

2007 Orton Park Festival

Every year, for the past 41 years, there has been the Orton Park Festival, and this year was no exception. Sunday was the day I spent time there, and here’s why. First, the weather was finally splendid, absolutely. The local to the Madison area Balkan-ic Reptile Palace Orchestra with fiery Anna Purnell in the lead will get everyone dancing in mid-afternoon. The set was wild, ecclectic and there was an array of moment in the crowd that would have made the Wachowski brothers re-think The Matrix. From there, The Fareed Haque Group treated a large crowd of smiling faces to some Jazz-infused ragas on Haque’s sitar as well as some spacey jams while playing guitar and accompanied by is group to just plain rock. You can tell that extensive travels, especially long stays in Spain, France, Iran, Pakistan and Chile, exposed Haque to different musics from a very early age, and these influences stuck. In 2001 Fareed co-founded the jam super-group Garaj Mahal, joined George Brooks’ group Summit, featuring Zakir Hussein and Steve Smith and continues to record and tour with the amazing Fareed Haque Group.

ortonpark 0041.jpg
Madison’s Reptile Palace Orchestra

ortonpark 0111.jpg
Fareed Haque

I also remember trying the same delicious local wheat beer twice….and now you know that too.