Scrapomatic’s Mike Mattison

This is like a part two after Mike and I had a conversation last year or so ago when Alligator Love Cry first came out. Scrapomatic once again have a new album out in 2008 on Landslide Records“Sidewalk Caesars”. This bluesy roots duo put forth yet another soulful release that has the blues checking to see if it has the blues. With this album I can just simply “feel it”. While busy year round as the front man for the Derek Trucks Band, and time in the studio and taking the Scrapomatic show on the road with band-mate Paul Olsen, we learn what Mike does, or shall we say does not do with his spare time, the plans for the next album and perhaps coming to a place near you……if so…..take the chance to go on and “feel it” for yourself.


Check out my conversation with Mike Mattison here.


Orchestra Baobab

The Baobab is a strong tree…..Orchestra Baobab brought their high-powered world rhythm and afro beats to the Barrymore on Sunday night. The sweat was pouring down the dancers and the sounds from the stage were electrifying. Orchestra Baobab has fused Afro-Cuban rhythm and Portuguese Creole melody with Congolese rumba, high life and a whole gamut of local styles for over 30 years – kickstarting a musical renaissance in their native Senegal, which turned the capital Dakar into one of the world’s most vibrant musical cities. Thats exactly what the Barrymore theater resembled as the crowd rewarded the Orchestra is so many ways, from moneys and watches to smiles and laughter, the fusion of art-artists and audience transcended into a ‘High Life’ scene that is only understood when experienced. Warm, rich lyrical content was splashed over the crowd with elegant precision while percussions led the feet on a march through the deepest landscapes of melody. With dueling saxophone and guitars throughout the set Orchestra Baobab is still challenging themselves to put on a true embodiment of their work. A strong tree indeed.