Nick Moss & the Flip Tops: Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae – the new album of Nick Moss & the Flip Tops – is certainly one of the finest Blues events of this summer. 75 minutes of open-mouthed listening. With more evidence than ever Nick Moss demonstrates how contemporary may sound the tradition-based Chicago Blues. More than that – though, in the liner note, he affirms not to be “trying to take blues to the next level”, – he does take the real, authentic Blues up to the level of classical music, where the words “old” and “new”, “now” and “then” loose their sense in the face of an everlasting beauty. A not to miss album for all Blues lovers. Even more for those who aren’t – these 75 minutes will make them change their mind. Don’t miss out. Flip the top down and let the wind blow there blues through your hair.

Blue Bella 2005 ****

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