Cameron Mizell : Life is Loud

While listening the first time through this album, I knew it was for me. Heavy organ stylistics, and beats that make your heart jealous. And, I must say, there is more jam in Cameron Mizell’s guitar than in any breakfast restaurant on the east coast. On his new album, Cameron partners up with keys guru Brad Whiteley and drummer extraordinaire Mike Fortune to create one of the funkiest jazz instrumental albums of 2007. Well chosen classics blended nicely and with an obvious careful thought make the original tracks stand out like a ornate centerpiece on the dinner table. The wide ranging set on LIFE IS LOUD makes those lucky enough to listen feel a part of the grooves, whether by an uncontrollable urge to shake it slightly, or an all out boogie-down. The thirteen tracks all have a quality of life different from one another making each one almost an album by itself. This album was crafted, not merely put together. It is (in my opinion), an antique in the making. A project that will inspire you, the listener, to greater things but also hopefully carry Cameron Mizell into the future with a larger sense of direction as both a player and a writer. I know he has my vote of confidence.

Cameron Mizell’s Life is Loud 2007

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