Leroy Powell and the Messengers new release ATLANTIS has those moments I treasure in an album, surprises. It has tough rock-N-roll tracks that reminded me why I love it, and deep drifter blues tunes that put me in the boots of the shoveler at final resting time…there are sweet-like country-esque ballads that move the sweet side of those of us with a heart (that has some twists in it). The delivery on Leroy Powell’s work this time around with the Messengers reeks of the truth as someone has lived it…the words come out of him so believable that at times you feel like you are riding next to him in a van on a cross country tour, as he remembers long lost tales of days gone by and things that once happened. I believe as you listen into this album you’ll too find that moment of surprise, as it is somewhere between the words and the notes.