Botanically Yours

The first part of the proGram this week saw the same things different on a familiar trip.

Big Shot Bring Nothing- Kitty Ford
Life’s Been Good to Me- Kitty Ford
DIX – A – Billy- Mimi Roman

Castle on Irish Bayou- Andrew Duhon
Promised Land- Andrew Duhon
Bride & Groom- David Rosales
New Day- Kenny Roby
Married to a Train- Kenny Roby

greenarrowradio promo- Breezy Rodio
The Asymptomatics- Breezy Rodio
Blind Leading the Blind- Mississippi MacDonald Ft. Vaneese Thomas
Baby Be Good- Demetria Taylor Ft. Mike Wheeler & Carlos Showers
Nursing My Kitty Cat- Demetria Taylor Ft. Mike Wheeler & Carlos Showers
Dancin’ Shoes- Silent Partners
Provin’ Ground- Silent Partners

Come and Get It- Irene Pena
Cracklin’ Rosie- The Brothers Steve
Lola- Diamond Hands
Fever- The Jaws of Brooklyn

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