Burstin’ Bloom

The final part of the proGram had to come out and see…and hear:

A5 Jam- Amazin’ Five
Gde By My Ni Byli- Amazin’ Five
The Glass Eye- ATA Records

Procession 2- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost
***pre-recorded conversation with G. Calvin Weston***
Bell Tower- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost
Dervish- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost

Sensing Not Seeing- John Carroll Kirby
The Quest Of Chico Hamilton- John Carroll Kirby
Launch- Sam Pilnick’s Nonet
Bembe’s Kids- Altoizm

Norwegian Wood- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber
Passion Dance- Mike Clark & Michael Zilber

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