Another Angle In

The middle portion of this week’s proGram flipped itself over and blinked real fast:

Renegade- Photon
Italian Love Triangle- Whatitdo Archive Group
Only With You- Amazin’ Five
You Are my Home- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Kim Dawson
Really Can’t Get Over You- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. YANICK
Say Their Names Be The Change- Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers Ft. Lyle Divinsky

Fight Or Fuzz- ATA Records
Cleared For Launch- ATA Records
Ice Cool- ATA Records
Move On Baby- The Allergies
Are You Ready- The Allergies Ft. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith

Fresher Under Pressure- Hot Border Special
Jinx Tattoo- Dagnasterpus
Stick Figures- Dagnasterpus Ft. Tree Adams & Cyril Neville
Sermon II- G. Calvin Weston & Jim Kost

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