To The Point

The first part of this week’s proGram had the Covid Point antennae positioned just right to find the best spot to get into your ears:

Bubblicious- Scroggins & Rose
Tobacco- Nate Lee
***pre-recorded conversation with Nate Lee***
Serenity- Nate Lee
Quick Select- Nate Lee

Nothing Left To Lose- Kat Pearson
Cry Out- Kat Riggins
So Easy Isolating With You- Val Starr Ft. Victor Wainwright

Coffin Song- The Prison Music Project Ft. Doc Gattis & Ken Blackburn
Traveling Riverside Blues- Jose Ramirez
Stop Teasing Me- Jose Ramirez
Mr. Wrong- Gerald McClendon

Mystic Traces- Greg Loiacono
Private Lives- Low Cut Connie
A Hero’s Death- Fontaines D.C.

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