Timed For Reflections

The middle section of the proGram saw what it saw and then saw it once again before deciding it was time to share:

Folsom Prison Blues- Green Leaf Rustlers
Reverberation- The Third Mind
Boy, Sit Down- Whitney Shay
Blood Red Blues (Protest Song)- The Devonns
When You Go Then You’ll Know- The Altons
Seems Like- Thee Sinseers
It’s Only Us- Monophonics
Brother Or Other- The James Hunter Six
How ‘Bout Now- The James Hunter Six

Love And Unity- The Burroughs
Hard Play- Beat Bronco Organ Trio
Beat Bronco- Beat Bronco Organ Trio
Alex Puddu Be My Lover- Alex Puddu Ft. Gene Robinson Jr.

Brassy Operation- The Lounge Bar Orchestra
Sideswipe- Steve Yeager

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