Suspicious Van

The second portion of the proGram was like that lone van that’s been there so long, by itself the scene turns to black and white. In this set, I aired a portion of my conversation with DJ Mister Rourke, as well as gave you a taste of the new tunes he has provided us kickin’ into the new year with The Coalition. On with it:

Blue Pepper- Slavic Soul Party
Tourist Point of View- Slavic Soul Party
Just the Same- Balkan Beat Box
Hard Worker- Balkan Beat Box
This Town- Balkan Beat Box

Love to Sing (DJ Vadim Version)- the Hempolics
I Wanna Be Sedated- Nouvelle Vague
Local- Tycho

Comedown (interlude)- The Griswolds
Superhero (interlude)- The Griswolds
YDLM- The Griswolds Ft. Lizzo
Vanna White (Instr)- Bryan Ford
Fifth Floor (Instr)- Bryan Ford

Cranium Crack- The Coalition
**Excerpt of My Pre-Recorded Convervation with Mister Rourke**
Lost in Madness- The Coalition
Here it Go Y’all- The Coalition Ft. DJ Axel Foley

greenarrowradio promo- Mister Rourke
Worldwide- Wax Tailor Ft. Ghostface Killah


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