Life of a Dreamer by Yonrico Scott

Over the years, I have been able to become brothers with some of the people others support only musically. I am honored as always to call Yonrico Scott my brother of the Earth and a person I consider a true artist. We connect up whenever the waves of the world bring us toGether, always checking in with each other randomly, but in this instance, we took time to talk about his hot new release, “Life of a Dreamer” on Blue Canoe Records. The ta;k goes from how the album went from the seed to the shareable, we dissect a few tracks and even talk about the relationships and offerings of the multi-talented Kofi, the one and only Col. Bruce Hampton and friend of the proGram, Jeff Mosier. While we originally hooked up back in the Derek Trucks Band days of ago, Rico and I have the knack of talking it out like we are chillin’ in the backyard enjoying using our senses to be with nature. Check out the chat, the CD and the art behind the artist.

My brother Rico

My brother Rico

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