And they’re Good For you

The second portion of the proGram took your heath in mind and tried to offer a solution to the doctor’s office. I had a chance to get toGether with good friend of the program, Eljuri to discuss the her new album, and the working parts behind it.

Bang Bang- Eljuri
***Pre-recorded conversation with Eljuri***
Nunca Volveré- Eljuri
Pork ‘n Slaw- Wolf! Ft. Scott Metzger
Peter Popoff- Chris Spies
God Drives a Flying Saucer- Chris Spies
Cosmic Vision- Matt Chamberlain & Brian Haas
Beyond Forever- Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam

Yes We Can Can- Rhythm Express Ft. Gavin Hope
Make me Over- Lady Wray
It’s Time- Nick Waterhouse

Come Along Bintang Bolong- David Nesselhauf
The Thought- Moon Hooch
Audrey- Moon Hooch
Sex Bar- Alex Puddu

Walk Right, Talk Right- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
What Kind of World- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Fed up to My Dub- Max Romeo
Ceceil- Ziggy Marley
Amen- Ziggy Marley

Type A- Jim the Boss Ft. Victor Rice & Dave Hillyard
Dub Realistic- Dubblestandart
Harmonie Als Ziel der Welt- Dubblestandart


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