All Points Lead to Madison

In the second half of the proGram, I am fortunate enough to have Mark Sultan/BBQ join me for a conversation about his upcoming one man band show at the Frequency on August 4th. We chatted about the importance of the artist being a part of their art, why coming to Madison is always a special time and the different genres of music both Mark and I enjoy filling ourselves with. I also was able to bring on Tracy Hightop of Jane Lee Hooker, who will be here on July 31st as part of the 2016 AtwoodFest. We talked about the new album and how it come to B, dueling guitars and how I will be the sixth Hooker when I introduce them to the Madison crowd at the festival. Great people making great art.

Flame of Victory- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys
The Hockey Theme (Coaches Corner Theme)- Del Barber & The No Regretzkys

Misinformed- Soul Coughing
Cricket & the Genie (Movement I, the Delirium)- The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Monkey See- the Weekenders

Gimme the Keys- Lee Bob & the Truth
She Can Move Me- Lee Bob & the Truth
Requiem for the Chemical Memory- The Get Right Band

***Live on air Conversation with Mark Sultan/BBQ***
Believe Me- Mark Sultan (radio debut)*
Walkin’ in your Footsteps- the Police (live)
Eat That Question: Interview Segment #6- Frank Zappa/Chuck Ash/Moon Zappa
Atari- Marco Benevento (Live 6/18/2016, Kalamazoo, MI, Bell’s Brewery)
Shake For Me- Jane Lee Hooker
***Live on air Conversation with Tracy Hightop from Jane Lee Hooker***
Champagne & Reefer- Jane Lee Hooker
Wade in the Water- Jane Lee Hooker

Love Soul Child- Sherbert Gang
Police State- Sherbert Gang
Wild- Marian Hill

Rockin' into Madison

Rockin’ into Madison

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