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Had a chance to meet up in conversation with one of those people…one that I have listened to as a musician, but more importantly, he has a voice on the way it is that I believe. Mr. Corey Harris was a guest on the show today to talk about his upcoming event with Mr. Eric Bibb at the Memorial Union on Friday, January 29th. We spoke on what that show will be like, where the travels of life have taking him and opened his mind too as he became a part of the being he is. It was a meaningful portion of this radio show and I am grateful to be able to invite such true people to join us on greenarrowradio. Here’s the Music that accompanied:

Pretty Little Lady- Victor Wooten (live)
Ball of Confusion- Grant Green Jr.
Funky Junky- Issac Hayes Movt.
Intro->- the Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Nemesis- The Motet (live 4/20/2013, Fillmore Denver)
Countdown to Nowhere- The Vampire’s Sound Inc.
Fire on the Radio- Corey Harris
Fire- Corey Harris
In My Father’s House- Eric Bibb (live)
Downhome Sophisticate- Corey Harris
***Live on air Conversation with Mr. Corey Harris***
Special Rider Blues- Corey Harris
Sport’s Drinking Again- the Sharp Things
Good Lava- Esperanza Spalding
Mellon Ball- Nolatet
Hoarding the Pod- Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down- Claffy
Chapter 4 Don’t Let it Bring you Down (outro)- Claffy
Nearness- Nuff Said

211- Tommy Guerrero
Where the Sky Drops into the Sea- Tommy Guerrero
Now That’s What I am Talkin’ Bout- Mocean Worker
Don’t Cry- Torpedo Boyz
Bocadillo- Torpedo Boyz

Metaphysical Ft. Janelle Kroll- Autograf
Lost in Marrakesh (Hugo Kant Remix)- Ancient Astronauts
Give it to You (Maker Mix)- Ancient Astronauts Ft. Monsoon


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