Circular Motion

The second half of the proGram is a reminder that sound happiness runs in a circular motion:

Drums- The Motet (live, 10/30/2010)
-> Getaway
Cave of Brahma- the Sorcerers
Moscow Central- the Lamplighters
Droge CX 9- the Vampire Sound Inc.
Clap your Hands (Renegades of Jazz Remix)- Ursula 1000
Peace of What- RJD2 Ft. Jordan Brown

Wolves & Leopards- MC Zulu
Pull up Selector- Dubmatrix Ft. Eek a Mouse
St. Lucia on my Mind- Taj Weekes & Adowa
Let’s Get Closer- Tony Brown

Ile- Wesli
One Day- Baaba Maal
Crying out Loud- Dawn Landes & Piers Faccini
You Lit my Fire- Ane Brun
Eyes on You- Hey Marseilles
Vapour- E1SBAR

Surrender- Gavin Turke & TokiMONSTA (E.S.P. Remix)
Microchops- Kill Emil
A Taste of Honey- Kill Emil
Blues Signal ’79- Ghost Wave
One of These Days- Boss Selection Ft. Hugh Masekela

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