Jazz Leaves and Goes

The second portion of the Sunday morning open schedule fill in show took some time collecting the colors within the sounds:

Autumn Moon- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn
Winter Butterflies- Jenny Maybee & Nick Phillips Ft. Paul Eastburn

Pink Brigade- Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (live at Goombay)
Lingenfelser Swing- Skeebo Knight
High Tide “Riff Riffic”- Skeebo Knight
Drop Shot- Ricky Peterson
Egyptian Days- Constantine
Tense Shaman- Naked Truth
To the Mountains- James Whetzel
Theme to the Rhythm (Amponsah & Kamdar Mix)- James Whetzel
Bongo Fever- Jack Costanzo
Adjaye Adjaye- Jack Costanzo Ft. Eddie Cano
Peanut Vendo- Jack Costanzo

Green and Gold- Victor & Malachi DeLorenzo

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