Beyond the Final Branches

The second half of the proGram will answer the questions of what is on the other side…just push the brush back and:

Jackass- Dr. Lonnie Smith Ft. David FATHEAD Newman
Elevators- John Ginty Ft. Cris Jacobs
Shady Nights- Analog Son

Ebassman Vs. Ethan- Ethan Farmer
Kung Fu- Ethan Farmer
Seven Cups- the Nylon Brothers & MK

Do What you Wanna do- T Connection
Shango- Larry Diamond
Cold Soul- Gemstones
Calypso Daddy- Jeanne DeMetz

Which One are You- Jay W. McGee
Sugarman- Sonny Knight & the Lakers (live)

Saturday Night Banger- Mister T.
Troubled Land- Speedometer
Hey Everybody- Rory Hoy Ft. Ashley Slater
In the Pocket- Mojo Rising

The Torrent- Shaun Martin
Hailu- Hailu Mergia
I Can’t Stop the Feeling- the Haggis Horns

Bernie Interlude- Steve Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra Ft. Bernie Worrell
Skin I’m in- Steve Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra Ft. Sandra St. Victor
Sing a Simple Song- Sly & the Family Stone w/Chuck D/D’angelo/Issac Hayes
She’s Krome to the Bone- Ultra Van Krome
Oriole Magic- Speed on the Beat
Just Bang- the Chemical Brothers


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