Brick Solid

The first half of the reGularly scheduled proGram is lined up and unbreakable:

Bring it on- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Ende- Mice Parade
Warm Hand in Farmland- Mice Parade
Another One- Love Tractor
Oompa Augusta- Primus & the Chocolate Factory Ft. the Fungi Ensemble
Hello Wonkites- Primus & the Chocolate Factroy Ft. the Fungi Ensemble

What do you Want From me- The Australian Pink Floyd Show (live at Hammersmith, 2011)
Cold Rain & Snow- Wilson Mower Pursuit
Occupy- Gong
God Song- Matching Mole
Arc- the Cellar and Point

Sex in America- Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric
I’m a Living Sickness- the Crawlin’ Hex
Take a Heart- Schizo Fun Addict

Garçon Culotte- Le Sans Coulettes
Pussycat- the Charms
Pauline- Little Barrie
Big Words Make the Baby Jesus Cry- the Dead Milkmen
Brainwashed- Allan Moon

Mr. Big- Free (live 1971)
Hurdy Gurdy Fandango- Frogwings Ft. John Popper (live at Toad’s Place)
Wish You Were Here- Gov’t Mule (live, the Orpheum Boston 10/31/2008)
Statesboro Blues- Taj Mahal & Gregg Allman (live Fox Theater, Atlanta 01/10/2014)

Blues Before Sunrise- Bruce Katz Band
Doing that Scrapyard Thing- Cream


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