lisTINin’ room

The first half of the proGram had me left in a hidden place where the sounds become something they never were. The spot is chosen when no one else is around, but the output spends time dancing in your ear-holes.

Prestissimo- Ensō String Quartet
Cicerenella- Piers Faccini & Vincent Segal
Make me a Pallet on Your Floor- Piers Faccini & Vincent Segal

Polly Put the Kettle on- Dom Flemons
Wooly Bully- Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew
Amaryllis- the Absynth Quintet
Temperature- Ian McLagan
Manzello Freeze- Col. Bruce Hampton
Leave the Cap off the Bottle- Hunter & the Dirty Jacks
House of Good Lovin’- Black Strobe
Hornet’s Nest- Joe Lewis Walker
Numb- Gary Clark Jr. (live)

Dive in- Sallie Ford
Lermaninoff- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
Pure Imagination- Primus & the Chocolate Factory w/the Fungi Ensemble
South Shropshire Tales- Soft Hearted Scientists
The Ups & the Downs- Soft Hearted Scientists
The Slider- Fly Golden Eagle

You Don’t Know- The Higher State
Love or Confusion- The Chemsitry Set
Psychotic Reaction- The Luck of Eden Hall
It was Me- Max Capote

School- Supertramp (live)
The Saint- Marco Benevento
What’s Happening- Elizabeth Shepherd


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