The first half of the show was a place to hide in:

Sugaree- Grateful Grass (live)
Silver & Pearls- Big Daddy Love
Spinning Streets- Jeff Cohen

Crickets- Sondre Lerche
Child of War- Lipbone Redding
Sydney- Robin Gibbs (live)

The Victor’s Hymm- Mike Nagoda
Path of Needles- Mike Nagoda

Askin’ too Much- Greg Hester
Aqualude II- Dana Lyn
Carping- Dana Lyn
Queequeg- Dana Lyn
Cream Puff War- the Seventh Ring of Saturn
Morlock- Mother of Sorrows

Tame- History of Apple Pie
In the Pines- Sara Mitra
The Wheel- Gemma Ray
Man- Katie Burden
Motherless Child (Love’s not for War)- Elephant Stone

***Mustapha Shotgun Weather Forcast***
Picture of the Future- Treat Her Right
Cheap Sunglasses- Umphrey’s McGee (live 4/12/2014, Wanee)
Right Now- Col. Bruce Hampton
Dippermouth Blues- Dr. John Ft. James Andrews


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