Downside Upper

The second half of the proGram had me wondering if things were riGht-side up-side downside…..riGht? The musical direction is not one that gets me lost, when you’re always found…it’s can’t happen:

Lonely Dreamers- Myles Sanko
Save my Soul- Myles Sanko

Give it Up- Lee Dorsey
“Ca’Ba’ Dab”- Soul Swingers
Intro- Ebony Ebony Rhythm Band
Let’s Go (it’s summer time)- James Reese & the Progressions
Time Stars Now- Hugh Gledhill Ft. Mudibu
Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman- Page One

Spreadin’ Honey- Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Summer Madness- Kool & the Gang
Work Your Thing out- the Lucky Hearts & Jimmy Johnson
Funk if I know- Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe
Big Shirley- Lowdown Brass Band
Jungle’s Journey- Cocek Brass Band

Smells Like Teen Spirit- the Josh Roseman Unit
Summertime- Maya Beiser
Hey You- Galactic Achievement Society
A New Machine (empty space:welcome to the machine mix)- Floydhead
Draft Culture- Dorian Concept
Wired- Jon Phonics
Janeiro (Marbeya Headphone Remix)- Sliva

greenarrowradio theme- mister rourke
Bring on the Love (freestyle mix)- The Rub Ft. Tatrana Owens
Sleepless- Flume Ft. Twin Shadow & Jezzabell Doran
Sundown- Tricky

Love Wave- Tom Tom Club
Post Houmous- Morcheeba
Dark Matter- Ladybug Mecca
Uncountably Infinite- MOA Ft. Jesse Lewis
All the Flowers- Dada X Oppi
Colonize the Moon- Busdriver Ft. Pegasus Warning

Mork Signing Off (losing a friend)- Robin Williams


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