Puzzle Light Climb

The first half of this week’s early Sunday morning open schedule fill in took the pieces that collected on the ground and gathered them up….and built….this upward path:

Rubber Sky- Mats/Morgan
Dracul of Nancy- Mats/Morgan
Paris Rip Off- Ideal Bread
Three Pieces From Tao III- Ideal Bread
Plastic Lighthouse- Led Bib

Muerte del Matador- Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble
Lazy Bird- John Coltrane
Sponge- The Bill Warfield Big Band Ft. Randy Brecker
St. Thomas- Sonny Rollins
Come Rain or Shine- Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
Night Runners- Trio Subtronic
Koko- Aruan Ortiz Quartet

Blue Coulee- Montana Wildcats
The Preacher- Horace Silver Quintet
I Wuz Ga’zun at the Cajun- Michael Lake & Gerry Pagano
Chart of my Heart- the Craig Scott Quintet (live at the Cellar)
Wide River to Cross- Joel Harrison
Automatic- Ed Stone

When You Get in Over Your Head- the Microscopic Septet
The Source in Between- Elio Villafranco
Emiliano- Chembo Corniel Quintet
Rio Frio- Orchestra Pacifico Tropical

Quando Eu Canto- Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser
Vivo- La Chiva Gantiva

Diga Ai- Joanna


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