Reach the Petals

The first half of the reGularly schedule greenarrowradio proGram feel softly unto your leaf-like ears this way flutterdown:

Walking- the Rosebuds
Danger Man- Leftover Salmon (live)
Spring Fling- Summer Camp
Ready to Die- the Unicorns
Gravedweller- The Wytches
Phil Spectre- Grandparents
Not Your Turn- Summer Cannibals

All I Can See- Ride
Sexy Postcard- New Wet Kojak
Delta 5- Delta 5
Pizza Girl- Jeremy Porter & the Tucos
Bandit King & Queen- Zzzz
Oi Frango- Super Furry Animals
Steevie M- the Spiny Anteaters
Stay in Bed- Joel Jerome
Vitagraph- the Bionaut
Big Red’s Maggot- the Thin Man
Baby, Please- the Thin Man
Spider- Red Wakes Red
Slipping Spider- Bockman’s Euphio
Mothra- John Cale
What’s He Building?- Tom Waits
Get Back- Jim Jones Revue
Can’t Come Down- the Grateful Dead (live 11/3/1965)
Flood- Mosquitos
Domesticada- Mosquitos
Her Planet is Love- Turn Me On Dead Man


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