Vase Off

The second half of the show took what appeared done and made it come to life. The newness of most of this portion allows the almost, to get a little more and make the ones on your mind reappear:

Already Free- the Derek Trucks Band (live in Chicago)
Release Me- Miles Tackett
Humble Me- Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens

Space is the Place- Pleasure
No Trouble on the Mountain- The Gene Dudley Group Ft. Anne Frankentein

Deep Soul Pt. 1- Ron Buford
Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’- Alvin Delk Ft. Rocking Cavaliers
Superman- Barbara Stant

Thank You- RobiN EubAnks & Mental Images
The Wizard- Brown Sabbath
In my DNA- Horndogz Ft. Fred Wesley & Juan Rozoff
Funky Spider Dance- Henri Pierre Noel

Good Morning What’s New- Kidkanevil (Capstone Reversion)
Introducing Mudfoot- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Pray for Me- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Swingin’- Basement Boys present Mudfoot Jones
Lullaby- Martyn
Social Influence Skit- Jon Phonics
Afternoon Delite- Jon Phonics
Wanted Man- Nicodemus & Brian J.

Diamond- Klint
Penny Nickle Dime- Amp Live Ft. Anya & Prof
All You Got is Your Word- Souls of Mischief
I Don’t Wanna Hear That- Toddla T Ft.Danny Weed & Jammer
Hold on- Bassnectar Ft. Tursi

Down Under (Acoustic Version)- Colin Hay
The Waitress- the Waifs

***Live on air Chat with Miss Natasha***
Spanish Town- the Beautiful Girls


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