Screws and All

The second half of last Sunday’s Open Schedule Fill in show…Started it off with three lonG jams from the Jerry Garcia Band live, two circa 1990 and one from 1976. Where does he take it from there….turn the screws to find out:

Dear Prudence- Jerry Garcia Band (live 1990)
Gomorrah- Jerry Garcia Band (live 1990)
Mission in the Rain- Jerry Garcia Band (5/21/1976)
Soul Serenade/Rasta Man Chant- the Derek Trucks Band
Down by the River- Eddie Bo
Buzzards of Greenhill- Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang
Glassbeadgames (8 hours of Fabric Dub)- Martyn & Four Tet
Me Strut U Strut- Lungá e Mono

Motocilengua- Bio Ritmo
Cuando Me Toca A Mi-Hilario Duran

Bi Loko- Muyei Power
African Smoke- Suen Kuti & Egypt 80
Traffic Jam- Blitz the Ambassador
Africa is the Future- Blitz the Ambassador Ft. Oxmo Puccino/Justa Band/Oum
Osomaalo- Beautiful Nubia & the Renaissance Roots Band
Bansang- Toumani & Sidiki Diabate

Opium- Dead Can Dance (live)
Tabla Interlude- Kavita Shah Ft. Stephen Cellucci
Paper Planes- Kavita Shah
Mellow Mood- Fareed Haque
Radhe Govinda- Dub Kirtan All Stars Ft. Chaytanya
Samadhi Sitaram- Krishna Das


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