Window Outside

The first half of the proGram has a mysterious feel to it….an almost…”is that him” feeling…perhaps the sound outside the window sometimes sneaks itself in somehow…Here is what slipped in and maybe you should look lonGer and harder out the window to check….

Danza Caracteristica- Jason Vieux
All Blues- Scott Marischen
Woody- Hayden
Ashes- Belle Brigade

Happy or Lonesome- Valerie June
The Chain- Brandi Carlile
Sweethaven- Rasputina

She Used to Love me a Lot- Johnny Cash
One Toke Over the Line- the Rainmakers Ft. Brewer & Shipley
As I Lay Dying- Beat Circus
South Carolina- John Linnell
Cocaine Blues- Hank Williams III
Four Foot Shack- Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang
Man in the Box- Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang
Photosynthesis- Beluga
Check In- Cibo Matto

Blueberry Hill- Elton John
Rock and Roll Doctor- Little Feat
Payin’ my Dues- Mem Shannon (live at Tipitinas)
Keep that Music Playin’- James Andrews Ft. Cyril Neville
You and I (outta this place)- Trombone Shorty


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