On the Scales

The first well, what turns out to be four hours….I filled in for Aldous and TMI as he was out on assiGnment ready to bring the under-reported what’s happenin’s to you next week…This set rode on the winGs of the scaled beast who has feathers that echo in sound….and yes…that was an entire eiGhteen minutes of Legion of Mary at the end of the first third….live from 1974 on this very date. Check what was in the feathers:

I Truly Understand- Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
September Song- Lou Pallo Ft. Billy F. Gibbons
Turn Turn Turn- My Morning Jacket
No Chance (Regret)- Lou Reed
Fleetwood Mac- Fleetwood Mac (live 1969 Chicago)
Pushin’ Too Hard- the Standells
Closet Disco Dancer- Red Elvises (live @ the Great American Music Hall)
Old Man Reefer- Les Racquet
Native Dreams- Rose Windows
Brand New Cadillac- the Clash

My Daddy Rocks Me- Trixie Smith
Special Delivery Stomp- Artie Shaw

Crawlin’- Untouchables
I’ll Get You, Too- Billy Emerson
Noah- Grainger Hunt

I Can’t Stand it- Bo Diddley
The Real Me- the F & G Band Ft. Sandra Taylor
What’s Going on- Donnie Hathaway (live at the Bitter End 1971)*
Who’s Gonna Save the World- Father’s Children
Boogie on Reggae Woman- Legion of Mary (live 12/14/1974 Paramount Theatre Portland, OR)

*previously unreleased.


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