Dancing Thru the Funk Frost

The middle portion of yesterday’s extra hour proGram got the wood put to it with a soulful funkin’ that nobody could deny they needed. It was a chance to dance barefoot thru the frosted mums and melt that crust away….Here’s what a good funkin’ looks like:

Thoughts- the Natural Yogurt Band
Crossword Puzzle- Sly & the Family Stone (single master)
Rhodesian Girl- The Poets of Rhythm
For the Brothers (demo)- Master Plan Inc

Heaven & Hell- William Onyeabor
The Mall Walk- the Gene Dudley Group
Walk us Uptown- Elvis Costello & the Roots
Vendetta- Calibro 35

Get Out- Cameron Mizell
Scotown- John Scofield
Whirl Keeps Turning- Jhelisa
Heavy Vibes- Vibraphonic
Tiki Suite pt.1 Cuban Casbah- Bahama Soul Club
Caballito Nocturno- Juaneco Y Su Combo

Caribbean Tiger- Danny Hoch
God’s Child- David Byrne & Selena
Let’s Get Ready to Rhumba- John Lurie National Orchestra
Vida Florida- Del Exillo
Something About Those Days- Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills are Wildcookie
Singular Vibe (essence)- Soulganic

Dance Apocalyptic- Janelle Monae
Face of Danger- Morcheeba Ft. Chali 2na

All in Our Minds- Passafire
Live Up- Rodney P Ft. the People’s Army & Mighty Moe
The Dancehall- Wrongton Meets Deemas J


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