I want to thank friend of the proGram, Thollem McDonas for being a guest…We discussed his upcoming workshop and concert at the University of Wisconsin, another show at the Frequency. The time we spent talking brouGht to the front his volunteer work with the Orquesta Libertad and the seven year documentary of Interdependent Music & Art in North America and Europe. We welcome you to be an active part in these arts and we do have a voice in where the future leads. The View from these sounds was spectacular:

Them Blues- Frootful
Who is Walt Druce- the Cactus Channel
Lavabo (Instr)- Benjamin Siksou & the Horndogz

Lowell- Kneebody
Hands of Fatima- Medeski Martin & Wood/Bachir Attar/Marc Ribot
Wholly O- Carol Morgan Ft. Mike Stern
Get Up!- the Matthew Finck Jonathan Ball Project
West Coast Blues- Diane Hubka Ft. Anthony Wilson

Macumba- Nilson Matta’s Black Orpheus
Broadway- David Chesky
Closing Window- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
An Empty House- Brian Haas/Matt Chamberlain
We are a Generation- Todd Clouser

Philospphical Ecstacy- Keyngdrum/Lund
Anarchy & Molecules- Keyngdrum/Lund
**Live on air Conversation with Thollem McDonas**
The Ageless of Reason- Keyngdrum/Lund
Road to Kfarmishki- Sultans of String
Transmitting- Heaven’s Gate
Drone- Heaven’s Gate

What a Wonderful World- Gloria Estefan


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