The ThouGht that Goes in

The meaning is sometimes forGotten…but never lost…

This Little Light of mine- Alastair Moock & Friends Ft. the World’s Bravest Kids
A Good Spot- Bill Frisell
Going to California- Bill Frisell
Safe Side- Gambles

Baby, Let me Hold Your Hand- Davis Coen
Jackson Cannery- Ben Folds Five (live 01/31/2013, the Warfield S.F.)
Central Time- Pokey LaFarge

Nobody Knows- Waylon Jennings
Take Your Hands off- Ry Cooder
I Wanna Be Your Man- Mobley
(She’s a) Wanderer- Deap Vally
Lowlands- the Stranglers
Christine- Heliotropes

Wooden Indian- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
If- the Latin Playboys
New Zandu- the Latin Playboys
On Main Street- Los Lobos
I’ve Been Lonely Too Long- Hazmat Modine
Rain Fall Down- the Rolling Stones
Son of a Widow- Me Without You
Is Everybody In?- William S. Burroughs w/the Doors
Don’t Throw Your Hands Up- the Cat Empire
You Can’t be Told- Valerie June
Hornicello- Beyondo
Look Around- Two Plus Two
Walk on By- Robin McKelle & the Flytones

Water, Water- Michelle Willson & the Evil Gal Festival Orchestra
Get on the Right Track- Jumpin’ Jack Strobel


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