Martian Rock Snake

The first half of today’s show was not a mission but an exploration. In the middle of it I chatted with Jessa Callen of the Callen Sisters. We spoke about the new EP “The Light Bringer Project”, the social climate that moves their music onward and how the harp fits in…and the martian rock snake slithered by the scene leaving behind a trail of these tunes:

Elevations- Oceanfire
Cathedral- Purple Rock Trip
Tarazed- Julie’s Haircut
Trees in the Wind- the Soft Hearted Scientists

Dust USA- Radical Dads
PeRFeCT WoRLd- the ReWd oNeZ
39 Monster- Suga Bush

Look Out- Os Mutantes
Blackbird Only One- Secret Colours

25 Minutes to go- Pearl Jam (live 10/22/03)
Low Down Filthy Man- Whiskey Rodeo
I’d Rather be Blind, Crippled and Crazy- the Derek Trucks Band (live Park West Chicago 1/26/06)
Call Your Children- David Egan
Harley Heart- RB Stone

Heartattack & Vine- John Hammond
Calico County- Steve Earle & the Dukes (& Duchesses)
Silence is Everywhere- the Ragbirds
*On air Conversation with Jessa Callen of the Callen Sisters*
Light Bringer- The Callen Sisters
Out the Back Door- Victoria Vox
Love in the Worst Degree- Shannon McNally

Run for the Roses- G.Anton/Sunshine/J.Kadlecik/M.Seals/M.Sugar (live)
Someday- Julian Lennon Ft. Steven Taylor
Be Thankful for What you got- Lipbone Redding & the Lipbone Orchestra
Happy House- Shuggie Otis
XL 30- Shuggie Otis
A Child is Born- Aggregation

Putting it on You Mind- Jimmy Preacher Ellis
Pats Rubber Band- Alley Pat
Natural Self- the Valleys Ft. Tanya Auclair & Milly Blue
2 Kinds of Men- Marta Ren & the Groovelvets
Villain- CocoRosie


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